Anti-Feminazi Don't give into their hatred

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My dad was telling me about these girls at his old college who invented a nail polish that paints on clear, and if you stir your drink with your finger with the nail polish on, it will react with the “Date Rape” drug and turn red.

Dude. It’s genius.

I need this

Why aren’t more people aware of this?

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"What is an mra?"

Asked by Anonymous

An MRA is a Men’s rights Advocate (or Activist). They want Men to have fair chances in trials and custody cases, and don’t want male victims to be swept under the rug. They focus on many things, and they aren’t evil like many Feminists claim they are.

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I’m sorry. I can’t contain my laughter. just give me a minute.

Oh, I’m dead. I’m dead and this is the post that killed me

Drinking under the influence of alcohol….what? I refuse to believe this, I just can’t…

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i don’t want to hear about mras or antifeminists they make me shakey and scared feeling

Not trying to offend you here, but if I’m reading correctly…People that you will most likely never meet make you scared? What about us terrifies you? As far as I’m aware of, no MRA or Antifeminist will track you down to shout statistics at you. Are you scared of meeting one off of the internet, or on the internet, or both? We’re not as bad as many people make us out to be. Please, I would like to hear your reasoning as to why you’re scared of MRA’s and Antifeminists.

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Telling girls to not walk around dressed as a hooker in bad areas at midnight is victim blaming? So is telling people to put on sunscreen and follow prescription pill dosing and to not swim in a rip tide and to wear rubber gloves when dealing with electricity and to evacuate the area during an extreme weather condition considered victim blaming, too?

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Unlike Other Girls



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We need to stop making fun of MRAs

and start killing them

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watch this just watch it 

I had this on full volume
I’m at a dentist waiting area
Everyone heard

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On the subject of what many Sjw consider cultural appropriation to be, here’s something for you.

Do you like Chinese food? Not anymore, it’s cultural appropriation.

How about Italian food? Too bad. Cultural appropriation.

Indian food? How dare you?

Mexican food? Stop right now.

What about…

Cultural appropriation is a anthropological concept. It’s studied, researched and discussed in academic journals. Tumblr’s probably the first place you’ve come across it though, so I can understand your confusion. It’s also clear that you’re confusing cultural appropriation with what is actually cultural diffusion. 

No one who is against cultural appropriation is against participating or involving in other cultures. The problem with appropriation is that it is the misrepresentation, misuse, and/or decontextualization of traditions from already marginalized/oppressed groups. It’s a concept from the social sciences, particularly anthropology and specifically describes a harmful/exploitative colonialist power dynamic. It reinforces stereotypes, Eurocentric beauty standards, racist colonial/imperial power dynamics, and in many cases can be a form of visual/symbolic dehumanization.

If you want to participate and involve yourself in other cultures, you have to do it on their terms, and not feel entitled to their cultural practices. It’s not that hard to respect another culture by acknowledging and respecting their boundaries. 

That’s actually really nicely put together, and thank you for typing all of that out. It makes me really sorry to inform you that it was entirely satire. I apologize.