Anti-Feminazi Don't give into their hatred

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"I need a quick rundown of what an MRA is. I understand the acronym but what I don't understand are what you do exactly. I'm not a feminist or a feminazi, I am also not looking for an "anti feminist" group so much as I want information on how other groups are viewing these radical feminists. As a woman, they're pissing me the fuck off."

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Well, I’m sure someone else has answered your question already. But, here is a link to help you get a better understanding of what MRAs want.

"I'm not a user of Tumblr, I just got redirected here after clicking links in succession. I just wanna say don't listen to that dude calling you unattractive, you're actually good looking. Sincerely, a cis white male :)"

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Thanks, anon :)

"Hi! Ok so first I just want to say that I think it's really interesting how you and I have a lot of the same ideals, but I call myself a feminist and you don't. Just an observation :). Also I know you've probably answered this 100 times, but what your opinion about abortion? Especially under special conditions like rape? Thanks!! (Also I love your blog just so you know)"

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Hello to you, too! It certainly is interesting, isn’t it? Well, to answer your question (which I actually think is the first time I’ve got this one), abortion can be a touchy subject.

My opinion, which people can agree or disagree with, that’s their right- is that when abortion is used as a form of birth control, such as women going and having, say, seven abortions because they don’t want to take contraceptives- that’s not okay. Granted, not many women can afford to do this.

Special circumstances, such as rape or incest, I feel it’s really up to the woman. First, because not many women would want to care for that child. That could lead to resentment and abuse, both physical and psychological. Another argument is that the child could be given up for adoption- which leads to my next point. 

Many people see adoption as some kind of magical thing. “Oh, there are so many people out there that want children and can’t have them and you’re just going to abort what they want the most.” Sadly, there are already too many children in orphanages and foster care. These people that want children could easily adopt any one of them, but they don’t.

Another thing about foster care- while many of them are good, there are still many that aren’t. There are foster homes that will lock the children in cages, use them as slaves, see the children as free money, etc. I’m not saying that adoption is bad or giving them up is bad, but things like that happen.

I’m not going to go on and on and I know I haven’t covered all bases, but in closing- it’s really up to the parent(s). I wouldn’t get one, but I’m not going to tell other people they can’t and shove pictures of aborted fetus’ into a teenagers face.

"Look, if you're really female, thanks. Thanks for being really level-headed and helping to shed light on just how fucking silly this whole tumblr feminist wave is. I kind of feel like these people are like the female version of the kind of they people they so LOVE to make fun of, you know the kind. Guys that believe in the friendzone and supposedly say stuff like "women are bitches." There are men and women who just want equality, and I don't think these people are the ones. I think you're one."

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Yes, I’m really female. You shouldn’t have done anon because I want to follow your blog so much. You, anon, are wonderful.

"Finding your blog made my day. I so admire people like you who don't get off on being victims."

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Thank you!

"Is your blog song choice a joke? Blurred Lines, really???? What are you trying to promote here? I was browsing through your posts and I'm a bit confused."

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It’s been awhile since I was last on, and I don’t even remember why I put blurred lines on. I am *trying* to promote men’s rights and the flaws in extreme/radical feminism. Sorry you’re confused.

""Don't give into their hatred" *creates a Tumblr mocking the fight for her rightful place in the world*"

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I don’t disagree with feminism. I disagree with extreme feminism (which more often than not is a general man-hating fest- not okay.). As I posted before, there are actually several feminist blogs I follow and last I checked, several feminist blogs that follow me. Now, tell me how I’m mocking my rightful place in the world? Because I support men’s rights instead of joining the misandry orgy? I’d rather not hate the men in my life, thanks.

"yeah right because Men are deprived of so many rights that we need MRA, because men have 360 laws regulating their bodies, because 300 men were kidnapped because education for men is wrong, because a man was stabbed in the neck for refusing to go to prom with someone, because men are being shot because they refuse to have sex with someone."

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